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Our industrial 3D printing service ensures accuracy and repeatability so you get highly precise parts—every time. Our company is designed to 3D print  functional prototypes, complex designs, and production components in as fast as 1 day.

We believe as long as we keep our customers happy, not only they will come back to us, they will also bring more customers back with them. we understand that sometimes our customers  need some parts that are not available in online stores and they will need to be custom printed and we are there for our customers to provide them with their special needs.

Get design feedback from our experienced team that has helped thousands of customers bring their products to market with quality 3D-printed parts.

D3D is home to more than 120 3D printing machines that produce plastic parts. This means we’ll always have capacity when you need parts fast.

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Phone : 1(818)590-1088
Email : Derou@me.com

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