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Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a colourless organic thermoplastic polymer in the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family, used in engineering applications.

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About PEEK Material

PEEK is a shortened way of saying polyether ether ketone. This is an organic thermoplastic polymer. It is also colorless. The semicrystalline properties are combined with chemical resistance and the ability to withstand even extreme temperatures. It is easy to see why this has become so popular, and in a lot of industries that require really robust parts, peek 3D printing is ideal for a lot of uses. We go into more detail about the sort of things PEEK is used for below, but because it is so resistant to degradation it can be ideal for parts in mechanical engineering or in other industrial applications. 

PEEK is attacked by some acids and will dissolve in sulfuric acid, so it is not suitable for every single use, but no material for 3D printing is an all-in-one solution. Though this material is exceptionally good at dealing with chemicals, this resistance can fade at much higher temperatures. 

The PEEK material is incredibly robust when compared to a lot of other filaments used in 3D printing.

Advantages of PEEK 3D Printing

Though every 3D printing material and filament has its downsides, it is worth taking some time to explore the numerous advantages of using PEEK. For more challenging applications, it can be one of the best materials to opt for: 

  •  The low specific gravity of PEEK is tiny compared to other materials such as steel and aluminum, which means that in spite of being lightweight it is very strong.
  • Chemical resistance means that it is suitable to use PEEK 3D printing or a lot of uses that other 3D printing resins simply cannot be used for.
  • PEEK material offers a solution for use even in high vacuum applications.
  • It has fantastic wear and friction resistance making it an ideal choice for use as a moving part or for something that will experience a lot of wear and tear during use.
  • The PEEK material is resistant to rays such as gamma and X-rays.
  • Dimensional stability means that it will stay relatively strong and sturdy and won’t bend or warp during use. 

What Industries PEEK 3D Printing is Used For? 

The uses of PEEK are almost unlimited even if you need very rigorous and demanding usage in applications that other custom 3D printing materials would not work. 

Industries to make use of PEEK include manufacturing, automotive, chemical processing, appliances, and even aerospace. 

The robust nature of this material means that it is ideal for making pumps, valves, insulation, bearings, and even works well in high vacuum use. 

These extra uses do make PEEK 3D printing a little more expensive than some other options, which is natural due to the fact it is so much more durable and can cope with a lot of challenging environments, but it means that the material is not popular for making simple household items or toys, as some other 3D printing resins would be.


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Overnight(1-2 Days), Fast(3-5 Days), Standard(7-9 Days)


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