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5 Best 3D Modeling Software for Beginners in 2021

We know that getting started in 3D modeling can be tough. It is especially the case for complete beginners, who struggle with improving their efficiency in using 3D modeling software. One of the biggest mistakes a beginner can do is to select software aimed at more advanced users. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why people are giving up when they just started. And that’s why in this article, we’ve highlighted five of the best 3D modeling software for beginners that you can use to get started in 2021.

Whether you would like to learn 3D modeling in order to design models for 3D printing or any other purpose, one of the recommended 3D modeling software will be of great help to you.

Which are the Best 3D Modeling Software For Beginners in 2021?


best 3d modeling software for beginners

TinkerCAD is a popular 3D modeling software among beginners, especially students. It’s an amazing tool for those who like to create basic models without taking weeks or months of training. It’s mostly for 3D design, electronics as well as coding. And what’s most important, it’s completely free.

TinkerCAD is popular among kids, teachers, and hobbyists, mostly because its tools and simple interface make it easier to modify objects. It also comes with a library of files that users can use to get the pre-made shapes that they can customize based on their requirements.

It’s a simple browser-based software for those who have no prior experience in 3D modeling. The only disadvantage of this program is that you can’t use it to create complex models.

Pricing: TinkerCAD is free


best 3d modeling software 2021

SelfCAD is an online 3D modeling software. It has a unique, user-friendly interface that allows anyone to get started with the software with ease, regardless of their experience. In addition to being easy to use, SelfCAD is also powerful, and you can use it to design complex models.

The best thing about this program is that it has a pack of editing tools that work directly on the mesh. The mesh operations that would take a long time in other programs take only a few minutes to do in SelfCAD.

SelfCAD is also the only online 3D modeling software that combined artistic, technical, rendering, and animation features all in a single application. So if you are looking for a beginner-friendly program that you can use for both simple and complex designs, then SelfCAD is the right choice!


  • SelfCAD has a free version, though it’s limited.
  • $14.99 when paid monthly.
  • $139.99 when paid on a yearly basis.
  • $599.00 for a perpetual license.

3D Slash

best 3d modeling software for beginners in 2021

3D Slash is another easy to use 3D software that runs on the cloud. The user interface is unique and easy to navigate, which makes the design process fun.

It has advanced tools and features that make it easier for 3D designers to work with precision. The main goal of developing this program was to make the 3D modeling process “a piece of cake”. The new interface and improved version of 3D slash make the design process easier and handling 3D objects smoother.

3D slash allows one to create models using a building block concept, just like in the Minecraft video game, which works by placing and breaking the blocks. Editing the imported models and customizing them is also easy in 3D Slash.

3D slash also has collaboration features that make it easier for people to work together on the same project, which is important for schools. You can design in both online and offline modes, with both of them being synchronized. Logos and texts can be created with just a few clicks, and there is also an option to select parts of a 3d object based on colors.


  • There is a free version.
  • $2/m for the premium version.
  • $8/m for schools.
  • $20/m professionals.


3D modeling software for beginners in 2021

SculptGL is a beginner-friendly free 3D modeling software focused on 3D sculpting. If you’re a beginner aiming to create video characters, creative models, or detailed designs, then this is the best option. The only limiting factor is your imagination and creativity.

SculptGL is easy to use because it allows one to design their models by modifying the existing shapes. It saves on time as one doesn’t need to start creating everything from scratch. It has powerful sculpting brushes like the inflate, smooth, and flatten brush, and you can also easily import models from other programs in either OBJ, STL, or even PLY.

Pricing: SculptGL is free.


best 3D modeling software

Vectary is the easiest of the programs on this list. It runs in the browser, which allows you to design models by simply dragging and dropping the shapes into the workspace, where you can modify them. There are also various shortcuts that make the design process much quicker.

It allows you to design photorealistic renders without spending hours on designing. And just like 3D slash, Vectary supports collaboration, where several people are able to work on the same project in real-time.

You will also find here high-quality projects and templates that users can customize to fit their needs, so if you’re a beginner and you’d like to create professional designs rather quickly, templates found in Vectary are a great starting point.

You will also find 3D printing features in Vectary, which allow you to prepare your models for printing once you’re done with them.

It’s also one of the most accessible augmented reality design software. It allows you to preview your models in augmented reality and embed them on your website, and you can even create interactive 3D configurations with shapes, animations, and custom materials, without the need to install additional software for AR preview.


  • There is a free version.
  • $12/m for the premium version.
  • There is also a custom price for companies and organizations that want additional control of the software.

Final Thoughts

By looking at this five software, you will get to know that 3D modeling can be fun, and it doesn’t have to be rocket science when you’ve got the right tools. And even though all five are easy to use, you have to put effort and time into mastering them and be able to turn any idea into reality.

And if you’re aiming at designing models for 3D printing, but you don’t have a printer yourself, you can always turn to our online 3D printing service, where we’ll help you turn your designs into reality. Our customer support is always ready to advise on any question you might have concerning your design.

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